Rental policies are in place to protect both our interests and your
interests. We constantly seek to provide quality service and
equipment so that your production will move ahead.

Insurance requirements are a very necessary part of the
business. None of us wants any damage or loss, but in the event
there is some major problem, it certainly lessens the hardship to
the security of production insurance. This is only in case of
case scenario"--and may it never happen between us, but...

Smaller rentals have a way around a policy with a surcharge that is
termed "security fee." This is not insurance, but it can allow
smaller rentals to continue. Larger rentals involving vehicles,
hydraulic dollies, cameras, for example, must have current
certificates of insurance showing the following:

Certificate holder: Harris-Chewning, Inc.
Billing address: 203 Fallen Log
Chapel Hill, NC
Description: Certificate holder or Harris-Chewning listed
"loss payee" and "additional insured."

Insurance required:
1) General liability (min. $1 million)
2) Auto liability (min. $1 million)--in the event of auto rental
3) Property/inland marine (valuation or set amount determined by
particular policy. It must cover valuation of rental through
Chewning in addition to other rental vendors that you are using.)
renter is responsible for replacement cost value. Should your
insurance coverage only cover "actual cost value" or ACV, you will
responsible for the remaining amount should replacement cost value
RCV) outpace ACV. Be sure to check with your insurance agent.

We do not want to see our business with you damaged by a damage or
loss problem, but if there is an issue, it certainly lessens the
when insurance is in place. Please feel free to call and discuss
particulars that you may have questions about.

Reasonable and appropriate cleanup and/or repair charges will be
incurred by customers who return equipment in non-rentable
Lost or damaged equipment is reported to customers as soon as
and appropriate charges will follow. Any equipment continues to
rental charges until replacement parts are obtained and repairs

Payment is the next sticky subject. If we have an account
with you, we simply bill on a Net "X" schedule (specific to renter).
Setting up accounts works the same way for everyone and follows:
Currently, our policy for new or out-of-state accounts is to ask for
payment in the form of 2 checks: 1 check covers your rental amount
before your rental begins and the other check covers your insurance
deductible or a set deposit amount. This 2nd check acts as your
deposit. Upon full settlement of your rental, we'll void your
deposit check (unless you want it to apply to other charges), and
return it back to you marked "void" and your rental invoice marked
If you prefer to pay by credit card, or if your rental is immediate,
an additional (based on current fee--currently around 4%) handling
charge is added to final quote. A
Paypal request for approved quote will be sent to email of person
paying. We never handle your sensitive credit card information
directly and you do not have to have a Paypal account to respond to
the request. Upon final check-in, additional charges will be
determined and a final request will be made for remaining balance.
If no additional charges, an invoice marked "paid" will be sent.

STATE TAXES: Please note that North Carolina state taxes will be
billed and collected at the current 7% rate unless we have either a
current NEW E-595E "streamlined sales & use tax agreeement
certificate of exemption" or "resale certificate." With either form
delivered and on file, you will be agreeing to be directly
responsible to the state of North Carolina for proper payment of
appropriate sales tax. The state web site is www.dornc.com.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Harris-Chewning, Inc. is in no way
responsible for any liability, claims, costs or expenses arising out
of use or possession of any equipment it provides. H-C's equipment
is offered for inspection and test at time of rental. Accordingly,
customers will be charged whether or not customers' crew can operate
the equipment. Any problems with equipment while out on rental
should be reported immediately to a representative of H-C. All
rentals and sales are also subject to the terms and conditions of
business as they appear on the present H-C rental contract, which is
signed by customer or designated agent of customer upon pickup.

CANCELLATION: In the event of cancellation when on a daily or
weekly schedule, cancellation charges may apply in consideration of
the rental company's preparing, holding in reserve or sub-renting
equipment, facilities or vehicles on your behalf.
Like most
rental companies, we require that a firm hold on equipment be
released in advance of 24 hours of pick-up time (3pm prior to rental
date). If you're unsure, just let us know that you're just checking
what's available and the gear won't be promised to you--the gear
will be available to other renters as well as out of the loop of
preparation. Please be prepared for working within the parameters
of other first-come, first-served renters. Should you cancel within
that 24 hour rental time on firm hold, (recognized as an order), you
can be charged anywhere from 50% to 100% of the rental. This is due
to advanced work done and/or gear withheld from others.
Consideration is much appreciated!

Again, please contact us with any questions. We look forward to
working with you!

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